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Denise Eimerman, LMT

Our Story: How it all started for me

November 3, 2018

Have you ever had a calling and took a risk to do something? Well that is what happened to me. I had been working in customer service for 19 years and I was moving job to job but I didn't LOVE what I was doing. I was going through the motions of going to work and living paycheck to paycheck. After I got laid off from my last job where I worked in credit collections at a pharmaceutical returns company, I knew I needed a change. I wanted something where there was more meaning in what I was doing. I was looking for something else where I can help people and massage found me. The minute I walked into my massage school during the tour I knew massage therapy was for me.  4 years later I love it even more. I am helping my clients in ways I never thought was possible.